Disaster Relief

Each year across the West, wildfires get bigger and more families are evacuated for longer, with little to no support for daily needs such as food and shelter. At one point in 2021, over 30,000 people were displaced due to wildfire, some for several months. When shelters fill up, these families often resort to living in their cars or tents, suffering in summer heat and unhealthy smoke. Tiny Pine Foundation partners with a wide variety of organizations and businesses to bring relief directly into these communities, hosting drive-through giveaway events offering gift cards for gas and groceries, hot food, hygiene and camping supplies, clothing and perhaps even more importantly, love and compassion.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and wildfire relief grants, we are able to provide short-term hotel stays to give fire-affected families an air-conditioned respite, and a shower.

When a disaster falls out of the news headlines, concern and resources often fade.  Survivors often feel forgotten. Tiny Pine provides ongoing support from our Discount Warehouse location in Oroville, CA, and through various giveaways including Thanksgiving dinner boxes. In the past year, new electric blankets and firewood delivery have been funded by grants from North Valley Community Foundation. Hotel stays were partially funded by grants from California Fire Foundation.