Volunteers are vital to the success of our program. Skilled or unskilled, we need YOU! Volunteers from all over the country have joined our rebuilding efforts! In our first year, we hosted over 3000 volunteers.

There is work for everyone and room to socially distance! No matter the size of the group or the skill level, we have tools on-site and provide training for tasks. Please check our Facebook Events page for information on our drop-in build schedule. We would love to meet you!

We are always grateful for contributions for rent, insurance, utilities and more. It’s not the glamorous stuff, but it’s necessary to allow us to fulfill our mission. Home Depot gift cards allow us to purchase tools & materials. Water & Gatorade donations at the build site keep our workers going!

Please contact us if you are connected with a corporation, church, community group or other organization that might be interested in funding a tiny home build ($9000).

How You Can Help

Cost & Fundraising

Initially we raised $7000 per home, but as prices for lumber and other building materials continue to increase, our budget is now $9000 per home. The final cost for each home ranges between $12,000-$15,000. We make up that funding gap through partnerships with local businesses that donate services and materials.

There's Even a Movie About Our Tiny Home Project

ReBuilding Butte is an awared-winning short documentary that follows the early days of our heartfelt tiny homes project, when our build site became a place for recovery and community at a time when it was needed most. This film is dedicated to all those who experienced loss from fire, and is still on the film festival circuit. For now you can watch the short trailer. To learn more, see www.tinyhomefilm.com

From Sacramento-based filmmaker Amanda Lipp:

"When I first learned about Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors, I volunteered as a builder. This evolved into a two-year filmmaking journey and discovering that tiny houses have become a “tiny but mighty” solution around the world in response to major social and environmental issues we face today – like homelessness, reducing our carbon footprint, and families navigating displacement from wildfires. I’m fascinated by trauma and how people persevere at all odds. My goal as a filmmaker is to tackle tough topics in a hopeful and uplifting tone."

Some of Our Partners:

Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors

In December 2018, single mother Alyssa Hofman started Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors. Although she had little construction knowledge, she set out to build 10 tiny homes completely with donations and volunteers – with a goal of providing housing after devastating California wildfires.

In the first year, 20 homes were funded through various sources including public and corporate donations, grants and fundraisers. Also in that first year, 13 homes were completed and gifted to Camp Fire survivors. We later expanded to Oregon, building 4 homes for survivors of the 2020 Almeda Fire.

Our tiny homes are constructed on recycled camping trailer frames and have full bathrooms, on-demand electric water heaters and mini-splits (heat, A/C, dehumidifier). We also fill the homes with necessities including new kitchenware, bedding, furniture and decorative touches.

Selecting Recipients

To determine who to house next, we use a priority needs assessment for the 250+ families and individuals on our wait list. The assessment takes into account factors such as age, disability, a location to place the tiny home and current living conditions. About 25% of the people on our wait list are currently in dire living conditions (living in a vehicle, tent, or uninhabitable trailer). Once a family or individual is selected, we reach out and gather more information to ensure that the home we build will meet their needs. For more info on applying for a tiny home, please contact us.